The Quest for Tea

Tea has been a lifelong passion for Karen. “I grew up knowing that tea is so much more than a drink, thanks to the many hours I spent sharing a pot of tea with my grandmother. “She would prepare the tea; I had my special teacup – those were deeply nurturing times for me. 

“As a teenager I served at a Swiss teahouse – I learned so much there about people their love for tea there. “Working with my parents’ businesses gave me a lens for sharing my passion for the almost infinite world of tea—its intimate connection to spirituality, wellness and serenity most of all. “A life of service and care for those who love to discover tea just seemed the natural way to go. 

“Best of all, I’m constantly learning and growing myself as I share what I’ve learned with the world. It’s been a wonderful, wondrous time—and all because of



Karen is a certified tea sommelier whose life’s work passion is introducing people to the sophisticated, rich and varied world of fine tea – from Yunnan and Fugian in China, to Assam and Darjeeling, India, from Shizuoka, Japan to Sri Lanka—and beyond. Since April 1992, Tea Leaves has been making premium teas accessible to Stratford visitors b sourcing and sharing the absolute finest loose-leaf teas—over 120 at last count—as an unforgettable ritual in embracing and savouring “the way of tea”— personally, memorably, deliciously