Hao Ya A - China

Hao Ya A - China

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Origin: Anhui Province (Eastern China)

Hao Ya A is harvested in the spring and carefully oxidized into black tea. This rare tea is top grade and very fragrant. The bright orangey red cup comes from a delicate finely produced black leaf.

Keemun's tea gardens are well known for producing world-class black teas. "Hao Ya" means fur-covered tips. Keemuns are known as the "burgundy of teas" because of their complex aromas, natural sweetness and low astringency. Notes of red wine, cocoa, orchids and biscuit may be found.

Brewing: water - 6 oz. & 212F / leaves - 1 teascoop / steeping - 3 mins. Hint: Interesting to brew in a gaiwan with short 1 minutes steeps and do three infusions.

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