Kenilworth OP - Sri Lanka

Kenilworth OP - Sri Lanka

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Origin: North of Dimbula district, Sri Lanka

Kenilworth OP is a treat for the eyes, nose and palate. The long, fully oxidized, dried leaves are dark brown with beautiful tawny tips. The infusion has a soft, almost rose-like scent that imparts a pleasing smooth taste without astringency. Try it as an elegant, subtle breakfast or afternoon tea. The Kenilworth tea estate produces teas known as "mid-country" teas, grown at 3,500 feet. They are renowned for their rich, strong liquor and. The leaves are fancy, long rolled and wiry with a distinctive flavor unique to this estate.

Brewing: water - 6 oz. & 212F / leaves - 1 teascoop / steeping - 3 mins.

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