Matcha Supreme

Matcha Supreme


Origin: Nishio, Japan

Matcha Supreme gives the Matcha drinker a perfectly balanced cup . A light creamy liquid with a sweet, mild vegetal flavor and a fresh, buttery aroma. A pre meditation tea that will certainly boost your clarity and focus.

Matcha powder green tea is famed for the Tea Ceremony. Tea bushes are carefully grown under the shade for about one month prior to spring harvesting in order to protect them from sunlight. This brings out an extraordinarily sweet taste with no bitterness. The manufactured tencha leaves are slowly ground to produce a fine green powder. Matcha has a wonderful aroma, silky froth, and rich mellow taste.

Matcha is also popular as a food seasoning just like herbs.

Brewing: water - 3 oz & 175˚F / powder - 1 teaspoon / time - none

Hint: Whisk the Matcha well with Chasen (Bamboo whisk). Breaking up any small lumps of tea assures you a creamy & smooth flavor. Use a sieve to sift the Matcha powder before putting it into a cup or crush small lumps with the tip of the chasen while whisking.

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