French Provence - South Africa

French Provence - South Africa

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Origin: South Africa

This pure and natural herbal contains essential minerals and is rich in antioxidants. This blend includes red and black currants, rosehips, lavender, rose petals, blueberries in a rich rooibos base. The cup is a vibrant deep red/orange colour and rewards you with a balance of fruit and floral undertones. It is a very complex cup. As the temperature of your tea cools the nuances change from fruit to floral on your palette.

Rooibos is a caffeine-free beverage made from the South African red bush. It is rich in essential minerals. It is enjoyed in South Africa throughout the day, both hot and chilled. Rooibos has a characteristically mild flavor and a soft, citric sweetness. It is very low in tannins so it does not turn bitter.

Brewing: 6 oz. & 212F / leaves - 1 teascoop / steeping - 3 minutes

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