Baochong - Taiwan

Baochong - Taiwan

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Origin: Wen Shan, Taiwan

This oolong is a prized tea in Taiwan. It has a distinctive fragrance of gardenias and lilacs. It is a lightly oxidized tea with very large wrapped leaves that give you the impression that it is a green tea. The pale jade green liquor is sweet and smooth. The fragrance and gentle taste lingers on your palette. A true connoisseur’s tea.

Brewing: water 6 oz. 195F / leaves - generous tablespoon / steeping - 1-2 mins. Hint: Best brewed in a gaiwan doing multiple short infusions. Give the tea a quick rinse before brewing to 'wake up' the leaves.

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Oolong teas encompass a wide variety of leaf styles and colors. They range from light green to rich red and nearly black, fragrant and floral to notes of honey, ripe fruit and roasted sugar. The artisans create the rich flavour of these semi-oxidized teas through the process of tumbling or bruising the surface of the leaves to develop and release enzymes and then rolling or twisting the leaves. The amount of oxidation depends on the type of oolong and can vary from approximately 20% for a green oolong, to 75% for a classic dark Formosa oolong. Lastly, they are fired to halt the process. Our Oolongs come from Fujian and Guangdong Provinces in China and Taiwan.