Organic Silver Needle

Organic Silver Needle

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Origin: Fugian Province, China

This early picked tea is produced on a limited scale in China. Only young silvery white-haired buds are picked and air dried for this delicate tea. A needle shaped tea that produces pale, sweet savory liquor that is rich in aroma. Multiple infusions.

Brewing: water 6oz & 185˚F / leaves - generous 1 Teaspoon / steeping - 4-5 mins.

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White teas are the most natural form of tea that is processed for consumption. The downy premature leaves of the tea plant are hand picked during the early spring season only. They are grown in the northern part of the Fugian province in China. They are delicate in nature and are reputed to be higher in antioxidants than green tea according to Western medicinal findings. Since they are extremely low in caffeine, white teas are a perfect choice to drink at night or throughout the day.