White Monkey Paw

White Monkey Paw

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Origin: Fugian Province, Wuyi Mountains, China

This is a rare, handmade Chinese tea from the Wuyi Mountains in China. Two leaves and bud are hand picked during the first two weeks of the spring harvest season. The focus during processing is on keeping the tips and shapes intact. Processing includes a gentle steaming. The bud resembles a monkey paw shape that is covered in white down. This tea is considered both a white and green tea. It has a rich, clean, velvety smooth flavour with a wonderful mellow vegetative aroma. The leaves produce a light, slightly sweet cup. Infuse 3- 4 times.

Brewing: water 6oz & 190˚F / leaves - generous 1 Teaspoon / steeping - 2 -3 mins.

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