Jasmine Mao Feng - Chinese

Jasmine Mao Feng - Chinese

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Origin: Wuyi district of Fujian Province, China

This is a very good everyday tea. Jasmine tea is honored as the most fragrant and popular scented Chinese tea in the world. This Jasmine tea is made from high quality green tea leaves which are repeatedly scented with fresh jasmine flowers allowing the tea leaves to fully absorb the fragrance and to create a tea with longer-lasting taste and aroma. The dry tea has a floral bouquet which transfers to the brewed cup which literally causes your senses to come alive with pleasant thoughts. The flavour of the gentle green tea is enhanced with the addition of jasmine blossoms which gives the tea a visual appeal. A total experience for the mind and body. Multiple infusions.

Brewing: water - 6 oz. & 190˚F / leaves - 1 tea scoop / steeping - 2 - 2 1/2 min.

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