Gyokuro Kin - Japanese

Gyokuro Kin - Japanese

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Origin: Asahina, Shizuoka, Japan

Gyokuro Kin offers the elegance and beauty of the famed Gyokuro teas. The harmony of slight astringency and natural sweetness turns to full-body in your mouth. Gyokuro Kin is a cup of affordable luxury.

Gyokuro is the highest grade of Japanese green tea. It is grown in the central part of Shizuoka Prefecture which is a region rich in nature fed by the pristine waters of the Asahina river. Okabe County is famous for being one of the top three producers of gyokuro in the nation along with Uji in Kyoto and Yame in Fukuoka. Here, the tradition of shade cultivation is practiced.

Brewing: water - 6 oz & 160˚F / leaves - 1 teaspoon / steeping - 1 min /infused 3 times, each time with a shorter infusion time.

Hint: Shorten your brew time and/ or lower your water temp to produce a thicker, fuller and sweeter cup. Use a slightly higher temp to add more astringency and aroma.

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Gyokuro is only produced in the springtime when the new leaf growth starts. The gyokuro leaves are carefully protected from direct sunlight by using straw or synthetic fibers for three weeks before picking. The tea leaves absorb more nutrition from the fertile soil. Compared to tea leaves grown in the open air, gyokuro leaves have a glossy, brilliant green colour, a distinguished aroma and a sweet taste.