Houji Kukicha - Japanese

Houji Kukicha - Japanese

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Origin: Shizuoka, Japan

Houji-Kukicha infuses into an earthy-brown liquor. It offers an elegant roasted aroma with unique natural sweetness from the stems. It is very high in calcium and will help keep your blood alkaline. Multiple infusions.

Even though Kukicha brews a clear medium brown liquid, it is still green tea. Kukicha is produced by roasting Bancha twigs over high heat. The result is a savory tea with a refreshing, roasted taste and virtually no bitterness. It contains no caffeine.

Brewing: water - 8 oz & boiled / leaves - 1 teaspoon / steeping - 2 -3 min.

Hint: Use boiling water to extract a fresh roasted aroma.

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